Rodin has been captivated by Bollywood records ever since discovering a crate of them in a charity shop whilst living in London back in 2007. It was around that time that he had released his critically acclaimed album ‘A World Without’ under the artist name of 2econd Class Citizen. For a DJ, producer and crate digger such as Aaron this was the stuff of dreams, to find one or two rare records was a good haul but a whole boxful of them was a rare chance indeed... 

His musical approach has focused on sampling and sculpting musical inventions and interpretations of his own. Aaron selected from the crate as many random records as he could afford and the store keeper kindly allowed him to take the whole lot. Through this good deed a mighty dream was born of making music inspired by this time capsule of Bollywood history, found discarded in a small charity shop in London. 

Fast forward ten years or more and Aaron has remained acquainted with his Bollywood records playing them on radio and live sets in Europe and his new home town Brighton, UK. Subsequent 2econd Class Citizen albums have followed a more folk sampled trip-hop direction. But over recent years the many song ideas from the Asha haul formed together into a desire to produce a more conceptual album incorporating the Indian vibes...3 

Encouraged by feedback from people who heard the early demo tracks he committed to the task of making a full album based around these sounds but also with a twist of something new, more synths and basslines with a few more uptempo numbers in the mix After much industrious work in the studio, recording additional instruments and perfecting the unique sound the album is finally here. 

Asha  is an Indian name originating from the Sanskrit word for hope or desire, which felt like a fitting title for the album . 

Through 'Rodin' Aaron takes on a new identity which explores a different musical journey, whilst still holding true to the core hip hop/sample ethos. 

The name Rodin takes its inspiration from the sculptor Auguste Rodin. Aarons parents, both artists, found inspiration to name their son Aaron Auguste Thomason. True to their son’s artistic heritage Aaron also mixes his mediums as a painter and visual artist under the name of Sun Moth and along with the incredibly talented illustrator Inkymole created the cover art for this album... 

So the question may not be, has 2econd Class Citizen gone for good but which other incarnations are we still to see?